Silograb® XL

Grabbing soft material on a larger scale

Silograb® XL

Silograb is an extremely versatile implement. The close spacing of the tines practically eliminates the spilling of silage. The tines make a circular motion through the material, which produces the cleanest cut, the least power requirement and the longest service life for the tines. In addition, the material is pressed against the back of the implement when the tines are lowered, keeping the silage in place even when driving over uneven terrain. All models have two hydraulic cylinders. The tines are either welded or mounted in a box section with welded sleeves.

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Silograb® XL Width (cm) Depth (cm) Number of Tines Weight (kg) Capacity (m³)
190 (Forged tines)188,61209+105601.0
210 (Forged tines)208,912010+116001.1
230 (Forged tines)229139,59+127501.7
250 (Forged tines)249,6139,510+138001.9
190 (Profile cut tines)188,61205+106191.0
210 (Profile cut tines)208,91206+116671.1
230 (Profile cut tines)229139,56+128511.7
250 (Profile cut tines)249,6139,57+139001.9

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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