Silocut XL

For cutting silage using heavier machines

Silocut XL

The Silocut XL is used for cutting silage blocks from silage pockets. It features welded tine sleeves, bolted front knives, two hydraulic cylinders and has an optional push out mechanism. The larger 80X80 XL bolt on interface is used, compatible with hooks for different material handlers. The hardened cutting knifes on the front edge and sides of the implement enables a very clean cut surface in the silage. The clean cut then prevents the admission of air and generation of heat, critical for feed quality, while consuming less silage by reducing waste. Manageable cut blocks can also be transported in compressed form reducing handling time. Fits telehandlers and wheel loaders as well as front loaders.

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Silocut XL Depth (cm) Height open (cm) Height closed (cm) Width (cm) Weight w/o hooks (kg)
225 (forged tines)1421921392351285
250 (forged tines)1421921392601360
225 (profiled tines)1421921392351390
250 (profiled tines)1421921392601475
225 (bucket)1421871392351390
250 (bucket)1421871392601475

* Varies depending on machine and implement


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